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Why Choose A Tucker?

Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation has been the leader in snow machine engineering and development since inception. Family inventors since the 1920's, our proven history confirms you can trust a Tucker Sno-Cat® vehicle to deliver quality that is made in the USA. Nothing, we repeat, NOTHING compares to the performance and durability of a Tucker Sno-Cat® vehicle.

Learn About Sno-Cat® Vehicles

Sno-Cat® Pre-Season Service Tips!

Agricultural Innovation!
Farming with theTucker-Terra®

Tucker-Terra Agricultural Models for soft-ground farming applications

The Tucker Sno-Cat® Revolutionary
4 Articulating Track System

Tucker Sno-Cat® vehicles have four articulating tracks that provide the ultimate traction advantage in steep terrain & blizzard conditions while leaving a gentle footprint over snow covered ground. Smoother turns and better navigation of obstacles - a favorite of companies needing to access remote locations.
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