Tucker-Terra® Agricultural Applications for Sno-Cats®

Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation has manufactured many special application vehicles over the years and has always been open to new application ideas.

No Ground Too Soft…

The Challenge: Years ago, Tucker was approached by a family-owned farm in the Willamette Valley Area of Oregon. They wanted to equip a model 1600 front engine Sno-Cat® vehicle with farming implements. The hope was to marry a light-weight vehicle designed to work on top of the snow with the need for gentle use on soft ground in farming applications.

Sno-Cat® vehicles have a light footprint because of the low ground pressure required for over snow travel. Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation accepted the challenge and manufactured a machine for agricultural use. Today there are several Tucker agricultural machines working in the Willamette Valley and beyond. In recent years, Tucker has been working with farmers and learning what modifications are required for the farming applications.

The Result: Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation now manufactures many agricultural machines that perform extremely well for soft ground farming applications and can be fitted with a multitude of farming implements. View the 1600AG  model pages as examples.

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Tucker-Terra® Agricultural Machines were featured at the 2012 World Agricultural Expo!


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